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The picturesque fishing town with its small shops, brightly-coloured houses, romantic cafés, and ideal position in terms of world cultural heritage captivates with its authentic Italian flair.

Discover Caorle and its surroundings today:

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"Small Venice"

Impressions of Caorle

Caorle is no longer a classic insider tip. Fans of Italy very much appreciate this gem with its varied offering and like coming here for their holidays. Nonetheless this fishing village which is nearly 2000 years old with c. 11,000 inhabitants has kept its authenticity.

Caorle’s old town near the historical cathedral bell tower on the Piazza Vescovado invites you to take a stroll: restaurants, cafés, small shops in brightly-coloured buildings with shutters capture the picture of Italy as we know it. This is the home of “The Good Life”. The culinary choice is vast and the prices fair. Fishing has been a significant economic factor in Caorle to date - whoever buys fresh fish here is getting a regional commodity.

These are must-sees in Caor

  • Climb the 80 steps of the cathedral (bell tower) and have a wonderful view over Caorle.
  • The Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel (Wallfahrtskirche Madonna dell’Angelo) is a sanctuary from the year 1751. Visit the Virgin Mary here - an unfathomable legend surrounds her. Legend says that some fishermen found the wooden statue floating, despite the fact that its base was a marble pedestal.
  • On the famous fish market in Caorle harbour you can, ideally in the morning, watch the “whisper auctions” of the fishermen and make a bid. This also guarantees you the freshest fish on your table.
  • Discover and visit a casone, a typical fisherman’s house from the past made from wood and reed marsh. These houses can still be found today along the water ways and cycling trails in the surroundings of Caorle.

Insider knowledge: did you know that Ernest Hemingway also loved it here? In his home on the edge of the lagoon of Caorle he was inspired to write his book “Across the River and into the Trees” (1950).

Picture From the port of Caorle, Pareus holidaymakers can go on excursions.Picture_ Pareus Resort Holiday lovers must visit the Chiesa Madonnina in Caorle.Picture - Caorle as a former fishing village is very attractive for holiday makersPicture Pareus Resort Caorle - from here you can watch the gondoliers.Picture Caorle with its colourful houses, restaurants and cafes attracts holiday makers.Picture Caorle attracts Pareus visitors with its beautiful old town and colourful houses.Picture Pareus Resort offers its guests excursions to these typical fishermen's houses.Picture Sunbathing and relaxing for Pareus Beach Resort Caorle guests on Baia Blu beach.


Diverse & unique


„Do you know the land where the lemons bloom,
The dark leaf wherein the golden orange glows,

Where gentle winds blow from azure skies,
The quiet myrtle and the laurel standing tall?
Surely, you know it? There! To that place
I would like to go with you, oh, my belovèd."
Mignon by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (translation by David Paley)

Goethe already knew about the beauty and diversity of Italy. Just to your personal taste. In addition, the proximity of world-famous cities, such as romantic Venice and the culturally diverse Trieste, beckon. Caorle is therefore the optimal starting point for your holiday. Experience your personal Pareus moments here with us.


Gondulas, canals & carneval

Bild Venedig ist die Hauptstadt der Region Venetien und liegt nur ca. eine Stunde vom Pareus Resort Caorle entfernt.

A lot is known about Venice and most people, even if they have never been there, have a picture of it in their head: the magnificent city built on wooden piles with its illuminated façades and romantic gondulas in the sunset.

And even more: Venice is a city which you have to have experienced more than once. Narrow alleys invite you to shop and the many restaurants with romantic views whet the appetite. There is also a wide variety of cultural highlights: museums, such as that of Peggy Guggenheim, are up there with the front runners next to the Biennale in the cultural sector. Those who enjoy something quieter simply hire a boat and chug in a relaxed manner through the lagoons around Venice. But beware! You can only stop briefly, since only the water alongside the three-legged wooden piles is deep enough for boats.


One city, many cultures

Bild Triest ist immer eine Reise wert.

Trieste is, with its c. 200,000 inhabitants, smaller than Venice (c. 259,000 inhabitants). The urban city seems somewhat clearer and for some even more honest. In Trieste you can really relax in several areas of the city beach: always with a view of the port and city.

The discoveries are diverse: historical squares and buildings, such as the town hall on the Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia or the Canal Grande in Trieste are hard to beat as far as Italian beauty is concerned. The Canal Grande is indeed surrounded on both sides by wonderful, historical buildings. In the evenings, the sun sets on the horizon in the sea and with any luck dips it in warm light. Not just pleasant for newly-found lovers.

You can discover a lot from Caorle!

Interesting cities and their proximity:

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