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The picturesque fishing town with its small shops, brightly-coloured houses, romantic cafés, and ideal position in terms of world cultural heritage captivates with its authentic Italian flair. During the season a public bus line - starting right infront of the resort - takes you directly to Caorle.

Discover Caorle and its surroundings today:

Bild_Caorle in Italien lockt mit einer wunderschoenen Altstadt.

"Small Venice"

Impressions of Caorle

Caorle is no longer a classic insider tip. Fans of Italy very much appreciate this gem with its varied offering and like coming here for their holidays. Nonetheless this fishing village which is nearly 2000 years old with c. 11,000 inhabitants has kept its authenticity.

Caorle’s old town near the historical cathedral bell tower on the Piazza Vescovado invites you to take a stroll: restaurants, cafés, small shops in brightly-coloured buildings with shutters capture the picture of Italy as we know it. This is the home of “The Good Life”. The culinary choice is vast and the prices fair. Fishing has been a significant economic factor in Caorle to date - whoever buys fresh fish here is getting a regional commodity.

These are must-sees in Caor

  • Climb the 80 steps of the cathedral (bell tower) and have a wonderful view over Caorle.
  • The Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel (Wallfahrtskirche Madonna dell’Angelo) is a sanctuary from the year 1751. Visit the Virgin Mary here - an unfathomable legend surrounds her. Legend says that some fishermen found the wooden statue floating, despite the fact that its base was a marble pedestal.
  • On the famous fish market in Caorle harbour you can, ideally in the morning, watch the “whisper auctions” of the fishermen and make a bid. This also guarantees you the freshest fish on your table.
  • Discover and visit a casone, a typical fisherman’s house from the past made from wood and reed marsh. These houses can still be found today along the water ways and cycling trails in the surroundings of Caorle.

Insider knowledge: did you know that Ernest Hemingway also loved it here? In his home on the edge of the lagoon of Caorle he was inspired to write his book “Across the River and into the Trees” (1950).

Picture From the port of Caorle, Pareus holidaymakers can go on excursions.Picture_ Pareus Resort Holiday lovers must visit the Chiesa Madonnina in Caorle.Picture - Caorle as a former fishing village is very attractive for holiday makersPicture Pareus Resort Caorle - from here you can watch the gondoliers.Picture Caorle with its colourful houses, restaurants and cafes attracts holiday makers.Picture Caorle attracts Pareus visitors with its beautiful old town and colourful houses.Picture Pareus Resort offers its guests excursions to these typical fishermen's houses.Picture Sunbathing and relaxing for Pareus Beach Resort Caorle guests on Baia Blu beach.

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    Bild Ca Corniani - Historie und Agrikultur treffen aufeinander.


    • History and agriculture meet here
    • Discover on bike or on foot

    The agricultural village of Ca’ Corniani is currently being restored resulting in the historic buildings radiating a new splendour. This idyllic place invites you to take a trip back in time. Learn in situ how the people of Ca' Corniani used to live and work. Wine tasting takes place in the wonderful, renovated wine cellar on the one hand and films on the history of the place are shown on the other and contemporary witnesses introduced. Depending on the season and what is on offer, there are also cultural events, such as concerts and exhibitions in the midst of wonderful nature.

    Our tip: you are best off exploring the area which is around 1,800 hectares in size by bike. Let yourself be amazed.

    The surrondings


    Bild La Fagiana bietet fuer Pareus Resort Gaeste Touren durch die Reisfelder und Risotto-Verkostungen.


    • Pedal through the rice fields by bike
    • Experience, Fun and Pleasure

    The farm “La Fagiana” is specialised in growing and marketing particularly fine Carnaroli rice. The company started producing rice after the war and has been processing it for years by hand. Everything here works almost as it did in the past, with very small production and at the highest level. Our tip: take a bike ride through the flooded rice fields guided by a family member of La Fagiana.

    Experience a unique trip into the past. Delicious risotto tasting rounds the experience off at the end.


    Bild_Mit Pareus Resort Caorle koennen Ausfluege organisiert werden, z.B. zur Craft Beer Verkostung nach Bibione.


    • Beer tasting
    • Creative ways and new arts of brewing

    Se sei un amante della birra artigianale, non puoi perderti assolutamente una visita alla fabbrica di birra B20, situata nella Brussa, a circa 30 km da Caorle.

    If you are a fan of home-brewed beer, do not miss a visit to the B20 brewery. The brewery is situated in Brussa, c. 30 kms away from Caorle. Guests who love and appreciate beer are given a warm welcome in B20. Because it is not just a production site, it is a meeting of tastes, feelings and aromas.

    Enjoy the excellent beer here home brewed with love. Each bottle tells a story of passion and quality, the craftsmanship of brewing.

    In the footsteps of Hemmingway

    Pizza Rotwein istock Broschüre 2020 10


    • Taste delicious wines
    • Discover great landscapes

    The winery Cantina La Frassina is located in the direct neighbourhood of Pareus Beach Resort. After the lagoon was drained in 1940, the family business "La Frassina" was established in this area within the wine region with the controlled designation Lison-Pramaggiore. The winery is located in the province of Venice on the edge of the "Valle" Zignago. The owning family dedicated themselves on the one hand to the original and organic wine production and on the other hand produce high quality wines.
    Even Hemingway was so enthusiastic about the landscape and the lagoon that he mentioned Caorle, this wine region and the surroundings several times in his books. We are happy to arrange a wine tasting for you. Enjoy tasting the finest white wines, red wines and rosatos.


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    • Romantic dining at the Baia Blu beach bar
    • A variety of culinary delights in Caorle

    The Beach Bar Baia Blu - directly in front of the Pareus Beach Resort - serves local specialities from snacks to fine, fresh cuisine. Enjoy your lunch, snack or dinner with your feet in the sand, the sound of the sea in your ears and enjoy the stars in the sky. 

    The picturesque fishing village of Caorle is famous for its culinary specialities, especially the freshly caught fish of the day and the Caorle octopus "Moscardino". In addition, you can dine like the locals in one of the beautiful old casoni - a fisherman's house typical of this region - overlooking the lagoon. The reception will be happy to reserve a table for you.




    • Outlet Center
    • Local shops in Caorles Old Town

    Do you enjoy shopping? You have so many options around Caorle.

    An absolute must-visit is the Designer Outlet Noventa di Piave. This is where you can discover the secret of Italian style. Highly desired designer fashion from Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Bottega Veneta and many more are available here at attractive prices. Save up to 70%.

    You have the choice: more than 160 shops, cafés and restaurants are awaiting your visit.
    Or you can stroll through the small narrow streets with the colourful houses of Caorle. Discover designer shops, souvenir shops and much more.


    „Do you know the land where the lemons bloom,
    The dark leaf wherein the golden orange glows,

    Where gentle winds blow from azure skies,
    The quiet myrtle and the laurel standing tall?
    Surely, you know it? There! To that place
    I would like to go with you, oh, my belovèd."
    Mignon by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (translation by David Paley)

    Goethe already knew about the beauty and diversity of Italy. Just to your personal taste. In addition, the proximity of world-famous cities, such as romantic Venice and the culturally diverse Trieste, beckon. Caorle is therefore the optimal starting point for your holiday. Experience your personal Pareus moments here with us.


    Gondolas, Canals & Carnival

    Bild Venedig ist die Hauptstadt der Region Venetien und liegt nur ca. eine Stunde vom Pareus Resort Caorle entfernt.

    Much is known about Venice and most people, even if they have not yet been there, immediately have an image in their minds: the magnificent city built on stilts, with its glowing façades and romantic gondolas in the sunset.

    And even more: Venice is a city you have to experience, even more than once. Narrow alleys invite you to shop and the many restaurants with romantic views whet your appetite! There are also many cultural highlights: museums - such as Peggy Guggenheim's - play a leading role in the cultural scene, along with the Biennale. If you prefer a quieter pace, you can simply rent a boat and chug through the lagoons around Venice. Just be careful! You'll soon be lying up, as the water is only deep enough for boats along the three-legged piles.


    Escape the hustle and bustle


    Away from the hustle and bustle doesn't mean there's nothing to see in this wonderful city. Treviso has a beautiful old town - criss-crossed with canals, arcades and winding alleys. And although it is very small, you always discover something new.

    Treviso has many nicknames - due to the confluence of the two rivers Botteniga and Sile, Treviso is often called "Venice's little sister" or "Città delle arcque" (city of archways) because of its many canals and bridges. But Treviso is also called "urbs picta" ("painted city") because of its 300 or so buildings decorated with frescoes.

    There is not just one attraction to come to Treviso for. The mixture of beautiful squares, lively alleys, picturesque canals, good restaurants and cute little shops is what makes this city so charming.

    Let yourself drift and enjoy the Italian flair in Treviso.

    (Distance: ca. 60 km / 1h00)


    The ancient town surronded by the hills


    The ancient town of Conegliano, together with the municipality of Valdobbiadene, is the home of Prosecco. Located in the province of Treviso, just a few kilometres from Venice, visitors will find a dreamy combination of landscape, art, history, natural beauty, hospitality and good food.

    One thing is for sure: the heart of every traveller falls in love with this region. Most of the region is flat, punctuated by hills and springs that flow throughout the land.

    Here in Italy's third largest wine-growing region, with its stony, chalky soils covered in reddish-brown earth, delicate red and white wines as well as sparkling Prosecco mature.

    Bassano del Grappa

    The home of Grappa


    Bassano del Grappa is the second largest city in Veneto. The town's landmark is Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) over the Brenta River, built in the 13th century. It is considered a masterpiece of engineering that is difficult to reconstruct even with today's technology.

    Bassano del Grappa truly deserves its name - because this is the town where you can drink the best grappa in Italy. The oldest distillery Nardini, located at the eastern end of the bridge, still produces and serves in an original retro atmosphere.

    Just a few steps away is the Grappa Museum, which you can enter free of charge and where you can smell and test countless grappa varieties.




    Asolo is listed as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy (I borghi più belli d'Italia) and is one of the places you should visit. Nestled in an area rich in history and natural beauty, there is much to discover here, from culture to nature.

    The city, also called the "city of a hundred horizons", is surrounded by the famous 12th century fortress "La Rocca". It towers high above the city on a hill and offers a breathtaking view, on the one hand of the old town, and on the other of the surrounding landscapes with valleys and hills. A cathedral, a castle and the city museum can be explored.

    The surrounding area is characterised by great hiking trails and cycling paths where you can discover the beautiful and unspoilt hilly landscape.


    One city, many cultures

    Bild Triest ist immer eine Reise wert.

    Trieste is, with its c. 200,000 inhabitants, smaller than Venice (c. 259,000 inhabitants). The urban city seems somewhat clearer and for some even more honest. In Trieste you can really relax in several areas of the city beach: always with a view of the port and city.

    The discoveries are diverse: historical squares and buildings, such as the town hall on the Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia or the Canal Grande in Trieste are hard to beat as far as Italian beauty is concerned. The Canal Grande is indeed surrounded on both sides by wonderful, historical buildings. In the evenings, the sun sets on the horizon in the sea and with any luck dips it in warm light. Not just pleasant for newly-found lovers.

    You can discover a lot from Caorle!

    Interesting cities and their proximity:

    Bild Das Pareus Resort Caorle liegt in Venetien direkt an der Adria.